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Rigging a Flying Scot - Introduction

This rigging guide has 9 illustrated steps. Rigging a Flying Scot should take no more than 20 minutes once you have experience. Please read the introduction- the steps are then listed below.

rigThe following instructions are written with the assumption that the boat is rigged as the basic Flying Scot as is delivered from the factory today. Some options or accessories may make the rigging of your boat different from what is described here. We have also made minor changes to the rig over the years and have had several licensed builders, so your boat- even if it is the original factory rig- may not be exactly as described here. Moreover, owners typically alter some or all of the rigging over time so you may not find your boat is rigged exactly as described if it has had previous owners.

The Flying Scot can be rigged equally well on her trailer or in the water, and while it is more commonly done on land, the choice can be left to the dictates of circumstances. If it is to be done ashore with the trailer attached to the car, be sure the boat is level both fore and aft and laterally, and is headed into the wind. Raising the mast becomes much more difficult if the boat is not level and if the wind is from the side. Be sure your trailer is attached to your car and that the bow is secure to the trailer before you climb on board. The trailer has a light tongue. If you put your weight aft of the axle when the trailer is unhooked from the car, the boat will tip backwards, which could cause you to lose your balance.

Note: If you need sailing/boat terms defined, please see (or print) our Glossary.

Rigging your Flying Scot isn't complicated if you follow these nine easy steps:

1. Preparation
2. Raising the Mast
3. Halyard Winches & Forestay Tension
4. Boom
5. Boom Vang
6. Rudder
7. Mainsheet
8. Trailering & Launching
9. Centerboard

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